Supporting decision-making in the rail sector

  • Scenarios explored
  • Stakeholders engaged
  • Decision-making empowered

The Challenge

High-speed rail will signal national pride and positive progress for Britain – and a new marque could unify all high-speed rail. But there are multiple stakeholders in the railway sector, multiple logos and the brand architecture is extremely complex. Against this background, we were commissioned to carry out user-centred research to explore the implications of a new marque.

The Approach

We began with an analysis of the rail structures and identities within which the HS2 service will fit. This included drawing international comparators. The next step was to draft potential scenarios, showing the visual consequences of different strategies open to HS2. We then drew out stakeholder opinions of the scenarios using interviews and workshops. Our final report summarised the implications of each scenario and presented key considerations for stakeholders. These will shape future discussion and decision-making.

The Impact

  • Scenarios explored: HS2’s leadership has a clear range of options listing considerations to inform identity and brand development for the service.
  • Stakeholders engaged: 17 leaders from HS2, the Department for Transport and the Rail Delivery Group took part
  • Decision-making empowered: future discussion and decision-making will be informed by the research and workshops