Revolutionising service design for one of the world’s largest luxury goods firms

  • Momentum built
  • Design-led approach endorsed

The Challenge

With the luxury market undergoing a transformation in the face of increased competition, Richemont wanted to accelerate fresh ideas that would upgrade the customer experience of its core luxury brands, such as Montblanc and Cartier.

The Approach

We started with original ethnographic research in Europe and Asia to highlight customer insights and the variation in multicultural attitudes to customer experience. The next step was to bring together multidisciplinary groups for Design Sprints in London and Shanghai to evolve insights and drive innovative service concepts. Within a few weeks, the team identified a number of service scenarios to advance to the next stage.

The Impact

  • Momentum built: The project accelerated new services from research to practical concepts in 6 months.
  • Design-led approach endorsed: participants rated the innovation process with a 97% positive rating.  DK&A have provided ongoing support and training.

Richemont Design Sprint, Shanghai, April 2018

The energised co-ordination team (from DK&A) made the process efficient, collaborative and rewarding. Great experience.

Benoît Jallu, Regional Customer Service Director, Richemont UK