Revealing the teammate experience for Under Armour

Design Research
Service & Experience Design

Client : Under Armour

The challenge

Using research to improve the worker experience

Under Armour wanted to turn around the low satisfaction and high turnover rates they were beginning to see among retail ‘teammates’ in their stores. They appointed DK&A to conduct in-depth ethnographic research to uncover what issues the teammates were facing different markets. 

The approach

International research, interviews & innovations

DK&A and their researchers visited multiple stores in each of Under Armour’s key markets, United Kingdom, China and the USA, to observe the day-to-day experience of their retail ‘teammates’, conducting in-depth interviews and gathering digital diaries. In total, we heard from 58 teammates, representing 20 stores from 3 key markets. This, combined with data from key stakeholder interviews, enabled DK&A to build a detailed picture of 6 key areas representing challenges and opportunities for Under Armour to improve the teammate experience.

Insights were delivered according to markets, enabling Under Armour to tackle specific challenges, and translated into archetypes, journey maps and filmic material to support future Design Sprints. 

The impact

  • A global view shared

    Findings and insights from 3 key global markets were packaged to highlight similarities and differences, enabling Under Armour to make targeted improvements and deliver solutions according to each market.

  • Empathy built

    Teammate stories were brought to life through film, photography and quotes, building understanding empathy and the desire to help solve the retails teams’ problems within the client team back at HQ.

  • Design sprint stimulus delivered

    Research findings were translated into tools such as journey maps and archetypes, supported by research data, that Under Armour could then use in an upcoming Design Sprint to design better teammate experiences.

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