Igniting the future of high-speed rail

  • Vision evolved
  • Suppliers inspired
  • Strategy focused

The Challenge

The largest investment into British railway infrastructure since the Victorian era, High Speed Two (HS2) has set out to be a catalyst for growth across the UK. We were tasked with setting out a Design Vision that would stimulate best-in-class design for the programme.

The Approach

A co-creation methodology saw us collaborating with stakeholders across HS2, the government, industry and the third sector to define the programme’s design goals. The result was nine inspiring design principles under the core themes of People, Place and Time that would guide the future of high-speed rail.

The Impact

  • Vision evolved: people, place and time design principles embedded into the HS2 strategy
  • Suppliers inspired: HS2 seen as model for rail and infrastructure, and on track to deliver an exemplary passenger experience
  • Strategy focused: core principles defined to drive all design strategy, management, briefs and procurement

The Design Vision sets out the role that design can play in making High Speed Two a catalyst for growth across Britain. It sets out our aspiration for designing the UK’s new national high-speed rail network. Then it holds us to account with memorable criteria that we have developed with leading designers.

Mark Thurston, CEO, HS2