Driving innovation in the circular economy

Client: Advance London

The Challenge

Advance London is part of London Waste and Recycling Board, working with SMEs that work in the Circular Economy. They wanted to help these SMEs improve their sustainability and deepen their understanding of their users. They reached out to our training arm, The Design Thinkers Academy London, to help the SMEs develop their skill set using Design Thinking methodology.

The Approach

Over 3 full-day workshops, we worked with over 10 different SMEs providing hands-on experience on how to gain user insights, develop fresh ideas and rapidly prototype services and product. This included an introduction to Design Thinking methods and the essentials of user-centred design for innovation in the circular economy.

The Impact

Customers brought closer: through using the Design Thinking methodology the SMEs were brought closer to their customer, getting a better understanding of how to develop their offering

New skills learned: over 10 SMEs were trained in core Design Thinking skills, advancing their own skillset and developing their companies

Environmental benefits: all businesses that we coached work within the circular economy, working towards a much-needed circular future

Today’s workshop has been instrumental and invaluable for our MVP business proposition and I look forward to more workshops in the future and applying it to our customer offering.

Sabina Socoli, CEO of Karavan Blockchain