Coaching an innovative start-up to survive and thrive

  • Vision evolved
  • Suppliers inspired
  • Strategy focused

The Challenge

Design leader Boskke made its name with its award-winning Sky Planters, which save space by hanging plants upside down from the ceiling. When its founding partners needed to kickstart new business growth, they asked DK&A Managing Director David Kester for coaching in strategy development.

The Approach

As Boskke prepared to move from New Zealand to the UK, David worked with the founders – empowering them to review their strategy, processes and products. He also helped them set up an interim non-Exec Board and streamline their plans, structures and roles.

The Impact

  • Leaders nurtured: David gave the founders the confidence to act strategically and decisively
  • Company relocated: Boskke now headquartered at the Royal College of Art’s Innovation Centre
  • New product stream crystallised: innovative Spool range now available