Co-creating a new Cartier store identity with boutique employees

Client: Cartier

The Challenge

Cartier was undertaking an ambitious retail transformation strategy, including opening a new flagship boutique on New Bond Street (NBS) in London, integrated with the existing Old Bold Street store. Cartier UK approached DK&A to help them co-create a change-management process that was truly owned and ‘lived’ by both the current and the newly recruited boutique team. Cartier wanted to onboard their staff to the new store, but in a way that made them feel part of the process, defining the customer experience and identity of the new boutique together.

The Approach

Over a series of 4 workshops, everybody who worked at Cartier Bond Street joined one of our Design Thinking workshops to co-create and co-curate their own guide to what Cartier NBS would be. This manifested itself in a new, physical induction tool embodying the new brand experience created by the boutique team, for their own use, new recruits and future collaborators, based around the boutique’s history, its clients, architecture and interior design. This output was booklet and card deck, with each card chosen by an employee highlighting their personal connection to Cartier, creating a sense of pride and belonging towards the new store, effectively onboarding them in the process.

The Impact

Team empowered: By using this co-creation technique, we empowered colleagues to feel part of the process when transitioning to the new store

Products created: using Design Thinking workshops, together we created a Cartier deck, booklet, based on their history, and a new tea, unique to Cartier

New methodologies learned: By using Design Thinking, we took Cartier away from the usual top-down approach and opened up new ways of working

DTA created a bespoke onboarding program for us that was truly motivating. It was a memorable, interactive experience that really made a statement to the team - that their views matter and they are integral to the success of the project.

Chau Luu, Senior Project Manager, Cartier