Evolving HS2’s project brand strategy and identity

  • Identity updated
  • Efficiency maximised
  • Guidelines deployed

The Challenge

Over a period of 10 years, the HS2 project needs to communicate its inspiring ambition to innovate in development and construction. They tasked us to help them evolve their identity – maximising public value, while minimising cost.

The Approach

We began with consumer research and stakeholder interviews to define the brand strategy, essence, personality and tone of voice. The next step was to appoint a branding agency to evolve the identity. We oversaw the execution of core elements, and aligned implementation guidelines for rollout.

The Impact

  • Identity updated: brand strategy agreed with top team and stakeholders
  • Efficiency maximised: organisational communication consistent across the business, including the contractor base
  • Guidelines deployed: project identity rolled out, avoiding business disruption and minimising cost