Empowering Exus to stay ahead of the curve

  • Senior team empowered
  • User needs crystallised
  • Methodologies adopted

The Challenge

Leading provider of debt collection software Exus asked us to help them stimulate the development of new products and services. They knew that design thinking would help them to retain their competitive advantage.

The Approach

The first step was to upskill a range of senior staff with advanced design thinking methodologies. We then helped them gather insights from clients – and ran a three-day Design Sprint at the company to generate new software concepts around client needs. Our work was the catalyst for the establishment of a Digital Transformation Unit to promote continued innovation.

The Impact

  • Senior team empowered: leaders from a range of disciplines developed design thinking skills
  • User needs crystallised: generation of new ideas informed by insights from clients
  • Methodologies adopted: design thinking tools and processes embedded at Exus to accelerate innovation

The Design Thinkers Academy have given us a powerful tool to re-design services around our customers' needs. Its application on our new Digital Transformation Unit is set to give us significant competitive advantage in the global market.

Elena Avatangelou, Senior Research Consultant, Exus