DK&A Sprint Track

DK&A’s Sprint Track is our tried and tested programme for bringing new products and services to market quickly – using the combined power of your in-house resource and our expert team.


Design Sprint Animation

1. Get set

We set the foundations for the project and align stakeholders on the vision for the programme. The first step is to gather user insights – often through ethnographic research.

2. Sprint

Over three fast-paced days, we facilitate an immersive development workshop using our design thinking toolkit. Up to thirty people could be working in multidisciplinary teams.

3. Deliver

We take the concepts developed in the Sprint and refine them as working and tested prototypes. All evidence, research and the business cases come together for the leadership team.

Why follow the Sprint Track?

The Sprint Track suits organisations who want to:

  • Act fast: we’ll develop numerous, practical products, services or solutions in a tight timeframe
  • Engage end-users: insights from customers will drive innovation
  • Design collaboratively: new solutions will be illuminated by the expertise of multiple disciplines from your company
  • Build new capabilities: you’ll nurture innovation skills within the business so that the approach is sustainable and ownable
  • Create momentum: you’ll generate optimism and align teams around fresh ideas
  • Deploy new technologies: well-designed solutions will serve the business and your customers
  • Validate new business cases: each solution will be tested and supported with evidence

It’s really inspiring. I have never seen anything like this before in the workplace.

Stephen Jamieson, Director, SAP Leonardo